How to store makeup palettes during travel?

Most people dislike packaging. Procrastinating packers normally wait until the eleventh hour because the simple concept of choosing which eye shadow, red or lipstick you carry or leave will cause anxiety before your ride. You can break your bad habits by organizing yourself if you are a panic over-packer who delays packing bags. How about storing makeup palettes during travel.

Build a list of cosmetics “Everyday”

Start always with a list of daily basics: mascara, concealer, red, lipstick. To prevent over packaging of needless makeup items which will only harm your hotel’s bathroom counter, make a list of all your makeup products, and then as a packaging guide, reduce them to a short list conveying only the basic products that you frequently use, and none of your “sometimes” maquilas.

store makeup palettessPick Multitasking Makeup

Remember: a little makeup goes a long way when carefully selected. Choose lightweight beauty items for various roles. A fine brush that doubles as a liquid liner when tucked into a mascara saves your travel case space.

Go Tiny on Big Stuff

For larger pieces, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion, avoid wrapping large bottles with the conversion of goods into 2-ounce bottles of travel which will take up little room and can last for up to two weeks in your travel makeup bag.

Hidden Color Variety Shortcuts

If you enjoy working with a varied colour scheme, your make-up bag does not have to include the entire range of roses, greens, blues and reds. You can create bright colour shortcuts and still pack light. Pack a range of small, lightweight coloured eye pencils and lip liners which allow for versatility.

With Plastic Bags Save Room

One of the easiest ways to organize a traveling Make-up Bag is to use small plastic bags for cosmetics instead of cosmetic tubes. Mark individual bags for facial, eye, lip, make-up products and daily things. You can easily find what you need in bags that take less space for organizing makeup palettes during travel.

A useful piece on the Travel Fashion Girl travel advice site to prepare your make-up selections for your outfits and to try to only bring those few shades that match your ensembles. This helps reduce what you pack and does not only create something for the sake of carrying it which eventually confuses your life.

A glossy pale shade of the eye can work perfectly, a cream blush can work as a lip or eye colour as well and the lipstick can be mixed together like a cheek stain. They also suggest packaging a few additional lipstick tubes in various colours, because the lipstick is simple to use and can make you look different.